Wessex Association of Model Railway Clubs Constitution

(1) The Association shall be called ‘The Wessex Association of Model Railway Clubs’, hereafter referred to as the Association.

(2) The Association’s ambitions are:

  • To promote the hobby of railway modelling.
  • To communicate effectively amongst the membership using the media of Email, Snail mail, telephone, and word of mouth.
  • To promote the Association website: Email: for communication to the Webmaster.

(3) The Association will serve the broadest bounds of the Wessex Area.

(4) Membership of the Association shall be open to any club, or group actively engaged in railway modelling.

  • An annual subscription determined at the AGM (£10 in 2016) shall be levied on each member during the financial year of the Association that is AGM to AGM. The member has until the last day of April to pay the subscription. Failing to do so, will mean that they forfeit the right to vote at any Association meetings until such time as the Treasurer informs the committee that they have paid.
  • All members may attend annual and general meetings, however only one nominated person may represent a member entity in a vote.
  • A member club who attends and support a WAMRC Exhibition are entitled to a share of any surplus funds resulting from the event. The amount that they receive will be determined by the committee.

(5) The four Honorary Officers of the Association that form the Committee are Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer, who shall be elected annually at the AGM. Other members with specific skills may be co-opted to the benefit of the Association. e.g. Webmaster or Exhibition Manager.

(6) The Treasurer shall submit a set of accounts to the membership at the AGM that reflect the financial affairs of the Association over the previous 12 months. They shall include those items clearly identified in the revised accounts of 2017. Cheques and withdrawals in the name of the Association shall be signed by the nominated Honorary Officers only.

(7) The Association is to hold an AGM and at least two other general meetings per annum so that the membership can express themselves and become actively involved in the progression of the Association. Any grievances can be discussed and actions to remedy acceptable ones can be addressed.

(8) Exhibitions of the Association are to be at least one per annum. The ambition is to provide venues that are attractive because of their geographic location to the increasing number of members. The Association shall carry insurance to cover public liability at any exhibition or event that the Association is involved in. Tom Snook March 2017.

Updated January 2017

Wessex Association Committee Members 2023:

Chairman:              Ray Heard

Vice Chairman:     Tom Snook

Treasurer:             Peter Edwards

Secretary:             Chris Fordham